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Legal Advertisment Disclosure / Disclaimer

Dear Web User,


This website is a legal advertisement.  It is not legal advice. This website is informational, but is no substitute for seeking the advice of an attorney.


I do not seek to represent you based solely on your visit to this website.  Just viewing this website or sending me an e-mail message does not obligate me to act as your attorney.  My affirmative agreement and a formal, written representation agreement between us is required before I will represent you. 


I am the attorney responsible for this website.  My principal and only office is 445 Bush Street, Sixth Floor, San Francisco, California 94108, (415) 702-4550. I am licensed to practice law only in California and before state and federal courts in California. 


The discussion of prior results on this website is only illustrative. It does not guarantee a similar outcome because results vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Thank you.


Arthur D. Levy
State Bar No. 95659


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